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Stylish Amethyst Earrings November 7, 2011

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Introducing: Amethyst Earrings at Fresh Purple

Bohemian Amethyst Earrings

Spectacular Bohemian Amethyst Earrings from Fresh Purple

Fresh Purple are one of the leading stockist of amethyst collections that have been put together using creatively designed pieces from some of the most talented jewellery designers in the UK.

Amethyst jewellery is available in all kinds of stunning designs again this year.

With teardrops, chandelier, Art Nouveau, floral and hoop designs, all of our clients have enjoyed the beautiful offerings in our large collection of Amethyst jewellery. With a wide variety of choice, we have been able to provide earrings to those seeking vintage, contemporary or classic styles and our customers are continuing to delight in our beautiful jewellery collections.

What is Amethyst?

Because Amethyst is a quartz gem, the colours of Amethyst can vary, yet this wonderfully sparkling gem stands out no matter what setting it is placed amongst.

The gem is less expensive that precious stones (diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire) and is known as a semi-precious gemstone. However, it can be perfectly cut just like its precious alternatives and is just as dazzling.

Amethyst is a hard stone and can be worn normally. This means that not only are they a cheaper alternative to buying jewellery made with precious gems, it can be worn regularly too – in place of jewellery that is only worn on special occasions. A stunning gemstone that offers wonderfully good value to those with a limited budget.

What Styles Can I Find?

Marcasite surrounding a tear cut gem creates a beautiful vintage look. Whilst clean lines or gently curved silver with a square cut gem or two does really stand out to those looking for jewellery of an Art Deco or Art Nouveau design.

Although soft greens, sharp yellows and bright citrines are found in stores across the world, the most common colour is the beautifully strong purple colour that many of us know and love. We stock the natural purple coloured Amethyst, yet with a huge catalogue of different designs that our customers love we have the right balance of quality and design to suit all of our shoppers.

Whilst yellow gold can look nice when teamed with Amethyst, the most popular earrings are found made with cooler toned colours, such as silver, because the tone of that precious metal suits the cool purple tones in the gems.

Are Amethyst Earrings Easy to Care For?

Large or small gems, dainty or bold designs, hoops or droplets? The shape and the design of your earrings does not matter when it comes to taking care of your earrings. They are easy to care for so long as they are stored carefully and wiped gently.

When not being worn, the earrings should be stored so that they are not touching, and all that is needed is a dark box where they cannot be moved around and scratched easily. And, when the need arises, a soft cloth and small jewellery brush will help to remove dust particles and polish the gems to a sparkle.

For anyone concerned about dislodging gems during cleaning, earrings can be taken to a jeweller for professional cleaning. However, because they are so easy to clean it can save extra expenditure if you maintain them yourself.

A beautiful way to indulge yourself and compliment a special outfit, or to buy a loved one; spice up your jewellery collection with strong coloured gemstone Amethyst earrings. It is easy to seek out the most perfect pair to suit any taste, and they will last a lifetime if you can safely store them and gently clean them.


Girls’ dream gold-plated charm bracelet November 11, 2009

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Girls' Dream Gold Plated Charm Bracelet Just so you can get a look at some of the things that we are selling, (and because lots of pretty pictures are always good) this is an old photo of one of our gold plated bracelets.


Welcome to Fresh Purple Jewellery

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We’re just testing this out for the moment. If all goes well then this blog will contain lots of useful information all about jewellery. The intention is not only to promote our own shop (though please do visit us!) but to provide accurate, readable information about all kinds of gemstones, jewellery styles and manufacturing processes so if you want to learn more about this fascinating business you can!